#rEDleads Absolutely agree. Accessibility for all is vital !

Researching Teachers: what works, and why?

At the Research Leads conference on 13th December (see www.workingoutwhatworks.com) teachers raised the issues of their limited access to research, unless they are enrolled on expensive Masters courses.  The other problem is that there is so much research, busy teachers do not have time to sift through it all to find what is useful for their needs.
Here are some links for accessing research for free, and finding topics of interest to you:
Institute of Effective Education, York  York University curates and shares interesting education research.

SUPER Network , Cambridge University, blogs regularly about interesting education research and this blog post points to how to find more.
DfE research DfE regularly publishes educational research, worth a read.
Research in Teacher Education from the University of East London

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